Recent Publications

I never thought that my love for writing and literature would lead me to new, big worlds which sometimes scares me, can I make it?. Never did I imagine that I would have the chance to get my writings published in different Literary Magazines (digital and in print). But since I started trying last year, I have now at least twelve poetry across the web, and sometimes could be sitting in a local bookstore’s shelf in US, or UK.

Recently, I had two of my poems published: Apparition (Rust + Moth), and Missing Lover (Parentheses Journal), which are both online and in print. Rust + Moth is one of the many great journals I hoped to be a part of. In my two times submission to Rust + Moth, I was also rejected two times, and I almost gave up my dream of getting published in the same place where my favorite poets were published too. But last August I decided to try again and wiped off the fear of being rejected for the third time! And finally! the editor e-mailed me with a warm acceptance and a thank you saying my poem will be published as part of their Autumn Issue. After that I thought to myself, “yes! I can do this! I have a chance!” (whatever that chance might be). Because of that I started submitting again to several journals who were open at that time and one of it was Parentheses Journal. For a record, I received an acceptance letter twenty minutes right after my submission. All I could think of that moment was, “that was fast..”

For now I do not have any poems left to submit, and currently drafting a new one which is, as what I always write in my cover letters, about distance; the desire to close the gap of such unbearable yearning which evokes; the want to touch the subject’s Other. To write a poem that focuses on images, sounds, and other senses, I make sure that my words & metaphors, syntax & style will deliver it well. I give enough time for my poems to slowly form themselves, to flower what it wants to be. I’m just a tool, a hand, a messenger; the poem has its own breathe, speaking.

I hope to finish it soon, though! Some journals are about to close in a week! If you wanna check other poetry from me, just click the link publications in the menu.

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